Tetik conglomerate in the 1970s, our company founder, Huseyin Tetik's commercial life has taken steps under his own name. State Institutions and the construction of many projects carried out in the east and the Black Sea region. These projects work in this way until 1992, provided construction services and has been sub-contracted. For institutionalized in 1992, Tetik Is Ins Tic Ltd Sti 't, Rize-based company was founded in later years, growing company public auctions, private auctions and sought employment in the fields every day to the present case a company has created. Not satisfied with a single company under the fold in 2003, CNM Tetiiik Construction Tic Tic Ltd Sti and construction business in 2007 Cag Is Group. Ltd.. Sti. way of establishing the end we still, as the mission of quality assurance and innovation, every business is a work of art and the principle of corporate community has become a permanent structure in today civil engineers, architects and construction chiefs, technical staff and general staff at the construction site in the world with the necessary able to has the equipment and elements.
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