Car Rental


Car Rental service, when you want luxury or economical vehicles to your destination in appropriate circumstances, such as visiting the contact you want. To find out more information about the prices of vehicles, or by visiting www.cagrentacar.com site or reach us at 0212 872 88 99. Ask any questions you can think of.


Your guest coming from abroad, you hire a chauffeur-driven car is very busy at any time, take a comfortable anywhere you can let your guest with. VIP service for something you'll love these opportunities do not miss taking advantage of the most appropriate way. For details, visit http://www.cagrentacar.com site or reach us at 0090212 872 88 99.
Fleet Leasing


Can be made at least 1 vehicle fleet management and leasing. 1 unit even cheaper monthly rental fleet name, although the process is called fleet management and leasing. However, car rental fleet is not advantageous for the parties. Tax advantages for companies that offer discounts for fleet management and leasing.

Fleet rental advantages

1-) Do not need to budget for the financial advantage to buy the vehicle.
2-) Operational advantages in the lease period the vehicle maintenance, failure, depreciation, car insurance, insurance expenses undertaken by us.
3- ) The most advantageous size of the tax advantage for companies. Tax bill and deduct all the rental cost of rental period.

For further information visit http://www.cagrentacar.com site or reach us at 0090212 872 88 99.

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